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Slip and fall accidents may sound like minor mishaps, but victims and family members know differently. It is not uncommon for a fall on stairs, elevators, escalators, sidewalks, parking ramps or flat surfaces, supermarkets, restaurants, or a collapsing balcony to result in very serious injury, or even death.

A premise owner is required to keep their property safe from defects and dangerous conditions. This obligation extends to landlords, homeowners and business retailers. If you were injured on someone else’s property because of a defective or unsafe condition you may be entitled to receive compensation.

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In many slip and fall cases, the opposition will often try to blame the victim. This is what is called comparative fault. The opposing party may claim that it is the victim’s responsibility to watch for slippery surfaces and other obstacles. We know that even when people act with a reasonable degree of safety, they may fall victim to dangerous property conditions. The Law Offices of Joseph T. Joseph Jr., llc has a proven track record of overcoming this opposition.