When A Dog Bites

Many people throughout Ohio love and have dogs as pets and companions. While dogs may be cute and playful, they are still animals and, at times, can be unpredictable. Dog owners should take measures to train and socialize their pets to be around people — from small children to adults. While most dog owners are responsible, even the most seemingly docile dog can end up attacking and biting.

Dog bites can be serious and often leave both physical and emotional scars. If you, your child or another loved one was bitten by a dog, The Law Offices of Joseph T. Joseph Jr., LLC, can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

We understand the laws regarding animal attacks and will hold dog owners accountable. Our attorneys understand that these cases can be difficult, especially when the pet owner is a friend or family member, so we take measures to be sensitive as we work to further your best interests.

Understanding Dog Bite Laws

Ohio has complex laws regarding dog bites. Individuals bitten by dogs while committing a crime such as trespassing or while taunting the dog aren't allowed to sue. Owners or handlers are responsible for a dog's behavior. If a dog jumps a fence or otherwise gets loose, the owner is still accountable for the dog's actions.

Dog bite cases often involve children. This is because kids are on a face-to-face level with dogs, move abruptly and may be less attuned to the varying attitude of dogs. Injuries can be severe and require multiple surgeries. These medical procedures and the emotional impact can be devastating. We will help you seek compensation and move forward with your recovery efforts.

Working Efficiently And Effectively For Results

If you or a loved one is injured by a dog, contact our personal injury team. Call our office to schedule a free consultation at 866-522-1402. We understand the immense physical, emotional and financial impact these injuries have on the entire family. We have offices in Youngstown and Cleveland and routinely travel to meet with clients. You never pay a fee unless we are successful in helping you recover compensation.

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