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$2,500,000 Judgment, 
Homeowner Negligence — Spinal Fracture

$545,000 Wrongful Death Settlement, Police Negligence

$320,000 Settlement, ATV Accident — Fractured Spine

$260,000 Cuyahoga County Jury Verdict, Rear-End Motor Vehicle Accident — Herniated Disc

$230,000 Settlement, Motor Vehicle Accident — Rib Fracture and Lung Injury

$200,000 Settlement Industrial Accident

A Mahoning County resident suffered a compression fracture to his back and disk herniations to his neck when he fell off an unsecure and unstable scaffolding platform while performing his job duties as a welder in Cordova, Alabama. Attorney Joseph presented a negligence claim against the company that built the scaffold and negotiated a $200,000.00 settlement.

$175,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident With Semitruck

Closed Head Injury. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

$165,000 Settlement Motorcycle Crash Mediation

Attorney Joseph negotiated a $165,000.00 settlement at mediation for a Richland County resident injured in a motorcycle crash. The victim suffered fractures to his left ankle and femur as well as multiple abrasions and contusions.

$150,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident

A female Cuyahoga County resident was involved in an automobile crash on Fleet Avenue in the City of Cleveland. As a result of the accident, the female sustained a disk herniation injury to her cervical spine, requiring a cervical fusion surgery. The victim sought damages in Cuyahoga County court against the responsible party and was represented by attorney Joseph. The case settled short of trial for $150,000.00.

$145,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident Failure To Yield Right Of Way

A female Cuyahoga County resident, represented by attorney Joseph, was involved in a motor vehicle accident when the responsible party failed to yield the right of way and made a left hand turn in front of her thereby causing the crash. The victim filed a lawsuit seeking damages for a herniated disk in her neck. The case was settled for $145,000.00 just weeks prior to trial.

$145,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Crash

A Lake County resident was involved in a motor vehicle crash on State Route 44 when he was hit from the rear, causing his vehicle to collide into the vehicle directly in front of his own. The victim sustained substantial personal injuries as a result of the accident. The most significant injuries were to his shoulders, requiring bilateral rotator cuff repair surgery. The case settled short of trial for $145,000.00.


$142,500 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident Rear-End Collision

A motorist traveling northbound on Interstate 77 in the City of Independence was struck in the rear. As a result of the impact, the victim claimed a disk herniation injury in her neck at the C6-7 level as well as aggravation of underlying stenosis at C5-6. A lawsuit was brought on behalf of the victim by attorney Joseph in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. The case settled for $142,500.00.

$122,500 Settlement Man Steps On Nail Left By Roofing Company

A Mahoning County resident suffered a puncture wound to his left foot when he stepped on a nail while mowing his lawn. The nail was left behind by a roofing company that performed work at neighbor’s house. The victim’s wound became infected and required surgery. A negligence claim was presented against the roofing company by attorney Joseph and ultimately resulted in a gross settlement of $122,500.00.

$110,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident

A Coshocton County resident was injured in a single motor vehicle crash as a passenger. The victim suffered a dislocated hip and a femur fracture. Attorney Joseph obtained a settlement for the victim in the amount of $110,000.00, which was the limits of all available and applicable insurance.

$103,500 Settlement South Carolina Couple Involved In Motor Vehicle Crash In Ohio

An elderly South Carolina couple traveling in Ohio were involved in a multiple automobile crash. Several people were injured, including the South Carolina couple, and the crash also caused a death to a relative of the injured couple. Attorney Joseph represented the South Carolina residents and negotiated a global settlement for their injuries in the amount of $103,500.00.

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement.

Motor Vehicle Accident. Low Back Disk Herniation.

$96,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident

A Summit County woman was involved in a motor vehicle crash and sustained injuries to her knee, which required surgical repair. The case was resolved a week before trial for $96,000.00.

$95,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Accident Rear-End Collision

A female Cuyahoga County resident was involved in a rear-end motor vehicle crash on Sprague Road in the City of Parma. She sustained significant injuries to her neck and back and claimed disk herniations as a result, but had decided not to pursue surgery as an option for these conditions. Rather, she had significant physical therapy, chiropractic care and epidural injections. Attorney Joseph filed a lawsuit on her behalf in Cuyahoga County and negotiated a settlement for $95,000.00.

$83,000 Settlement Family Of Five Involved In Auto Crash On Ohio Turnpike

A Summit County Family of five were involved in an auto crash on the Ohio Turnpike. Each family member was treated for injuries on the date of the accident, however, the mother sustained the most significant injuries, including injuries to her rotator cuff. Attorney Joseph negotiated a global settlement yielding a total recovery of $83,000.00. Most significantly, prior to obtaining the services of attorney Joseph and filing a lawsuit, the family, while unpresented by counsel, was offered $15,000.00 by the at-fault insurance company to settle their claims.

$80,000 Settlement Truck Accident

A North Canton resident was involved in an auto accident on Portage Street in the Township of Jackson and sustained significant injuries as a result of the accident. Attorney Joseph brought a lawsuit on behalf of the victim in Stark County Court of Common Pleas seeking compensation for the injuries. The case settled for $80,000.00.

$75,000 Settlement Motor Vehicle Crash Caused By Dead Cow In Roadway

A Michigan resident traveling in the state of Ohio suffered neck and back injures when his vehicle struck a dead cow in the roadway. Attorney Joseph T. Joseph Jr. presented a claim to the cow owner on behalf of the victim as owners of cattle in the state of Ohio are required to keep their cattle in a fenced location and can be liable for damages caused by straying animals. The claim settled out of court for a total of $75,000.00.

$75,000 Settlement Industrial Accident/Intentional Tort

Attorney Joseph obtained a settlement in a very difficult intentional tort claim. The facts of the case involved a female plaintiff touching an unguarded spinning cylinder at the factory where she was employed. The plaintiff had a rubber glove on and the spinning cylinder caught the glove and caused a dislocation type injury to her thumb. In addition to receiving workers compensation benefits, attorney Joseph obtained a $75,000.00 settlement from the plaintiff’s employer for requiring the plaintiff to work in close proximity to the dangerous unguarded spinning cylinder.

$67,500 Settlement MVA Victim On I-80

A motorist on I-80 in Groton Township lost control of his vehicle and collided into another motorist, causing the victim to sustain disk injuries to his lower back. A personal injury settlement of $67,500 was reached with the help of The Law Offices of Joseph T. Joseph Jr.

$57,650 Jury Verdict — Lorain County Court.
Motor Vehicle Accident.

These are selected results. Each case brings a unique set of facts and circumstances and as such results may vary. The Law Offices of Joseph T. Joseph Jr., LLC, will seek the maximum compensation possible in yours and in every case.

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