What to Do After an Auto Accident in Ohio?

Protect Your Interests After An Auto Accident in Ohio

When you get into your vehicle and set out on the road, you expect to make it to your destination safely. Regardless of how safe and cautious you are, however, you cannot control the actions of other drivers and their negligence can lead to auto accidents.

After an auto accident, taking the proper steps can help you pursue compensation for injuries and property damage.

Steps To Take After an Auto Accident in Ohio

  • Seek medical care — If you suffered obvious injuries in a crash, it is critical to see a doctor and to obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan. Even if you believe that your injuries are minor, a doctor may discover otherwise. Additionally, if you delay seeking medical treatment, an insurance company may not want to pay subsequent medical bills.
  • Don’t sign anything — Despite what they may say, insurance companies are always looking out for their financial interests and things you say in the wake of an accident can be used against you. Never provide a formal statement or sign a claim settlement prior to seeking advice from an attorney.
  • Don’t accept a quick settlement — It is often in an insurer’s best interest to settle a claim as quickly as possible, before you are fully recovered. Never accept a quick settlement as your injuries and long-term prognosis may end up being more serious and therefore warrant a higher settlement amount.
  • Hire an attorney — An attorney works for you and will represent your best interests when communicating and negotiating with an insurer. When selecting a personal injury attorney, make sure to inquire about his or her experience handling auto accident claims.

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